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David Spine Solution is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for back disorders. The solution uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the deconditioning syndrome related to back pain.

Individualized programs are planned based on a questionnaire, physical evaluations, and tests. Specially designed devices provide a safe and effective way of improving mobility, strength and spinal coordination.

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Scientific evidence


EMG validation studies were done in collaboration with the University of Cologne, Germany to find out if David’s isolation principle really fatigued the target muscles and blocked the strong surrounding muscles2. These studies demonstrated in a beautiful way that not only was the strong hip extensors blocked but in fact inhibited creating a high level of activation in the spinal target muscles.


There is a set of three published outcome reports by FPZ, a chain of over 200 licensed back centers in Germany. These publications are looking at various outcome measures, like pain intensity, pain frequency, sick leave days, visits to doctors, etc. The N’s in these data sets are very large, ranging from 4.559 to 37.943 subjects. Results are excellent. For example, 41% of the patients were pain-free after the program, and of the rest, 88% had significant pain reduction.

E.g. Integrierte Versorgung Rückenschmerz, Wissenschaftliche documentation 2006 – 2008, Dr. Frank Schifferdecker-Hoch, FPZ

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Gothaer insurance discovered that by investing in back treatment, the insurance company was saved almost 5 times more in medical and sick leave costs.

Manuelle Medizin 2006, 44:308–312, Springer Medizin